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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
2. Rods & Cones
3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
6. Dorsal - Ventral Stream
7. Eye Movements
8. Oculomotor System
9. Balance System
10. Ectopia & Microgyrus
11. Genetic Etiology
12. Reading
13. Animals
14. Conclusion / Solution
15. Different Theories
16. Peace of Mind
15.2 Unstable Visual Perception (Jonh Stein et al.)

"Neurophysiological Bases of Dyslexia: One possible cause is to do with the way that dyslexics hear speech sounds. We are trying to work out which speech sounds give the greatest problem and why . Ultimately, we hope that this research will be used to design effective remediation programmes so that dyslexics' difficulties with speech perception may be alleviated.

Another cause of confusion is that many dyslexics seem to have unstable visual perception, perhaps because their eye control is different from that of normal subjects. This often makes them very artistically talented, but poor at accurately segmenting the fine details of print required for rapid reading and correct spelling. We are trying to discover why their visual perception is compromised and we have already found some simple ways of improving it."


Book: Vision and Visual Dyslexia (John F. Stein) Amazon


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