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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
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3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
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7. Eye Movements
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11. Genetic Etiology
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1.4 Asians have Horizontal Masking & Aligning (Alpha-Area)

Facial characteristics of Asians differ a lot from Occidental ones, on the image to the right we can see that the Western girl has an Facial Nasal-Intersection blocking her right eye from looking further to the right providing an Hold-on/Threshold, in contrast to the asian girl who hasn't got a significant Vertical Nasal-Intersectioin.
Close-up images of asian eyes show that their Facial Masking Alpha-Area is shaped by their eyelids, giving them view-blocking in a Horizontal/Oblique direction, this results in a Horizontal-Visual-Alignment (see topic: 1.5 Alignment )
A vertical section shows how the overhanging-eyelid creates an Facial Masking Alpha-blocking Area, causing a redudced projection of light into the eye. The reduction is almost the same as for occidentals with their more prominent Nasal-Alpha-Area that blocks their peripheral view, only in a vertical way.


Occidental-eye with Nasal intersection compared to an Asian-eye with Oblique-Overhanging-Eyelid (image below).

Result: It is possible that a small nearby Alpha-Area has the same influence as a big Nasal-intersection.

Asian - Occidental - Shift


Q: Why did this happen, or why did others not have this.

 A: One theory could be that more narrow eyes originally come from regions or a time where/when there was a lot of ice and narrow eyes reduce the effects of the reflection of light on ice, and protected them from cold. When you look at Eskimo’s they have very narrow eyes.

And people who lived on smaller islands in warm regions, who spend their time fishing also had an advantage from more narrow eyes, for the same reason as eskimo's; reducing the effects of light-reflections on the water.


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