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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
2. Rods & Cones
3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
6. Dorsal - Ventral Stream
7. Eye Movements
8. Oculomotor System
9. Balance System
10. Ectopia & Microgyrus
11. Genetic Etiology
12. Reading
13. Animals
14. Conclusion / Solution
15. Different Theories
16. Peace of Mind
13.5 Racing Doves

Racing doves are seriously bred to be the fasted Pigeons to fly from the place where they are released to their home place, to do so, they need a sharp-sight.

There’s a fierce debate amongst pigeon fanciers as to how, if at all, the characteristics of a bird’s eye relate to its racing ability and breeding potential. The different rings in the eye and the number of swiggles (‘distance lines’) are just some of the features looked at.

When we look at the eyes of champions we can see that their pupils are becoming more oval shaped, especially towards the lower right corner that lay's in line with their beak. There is also often a brow, darkening area in that lower corner. This can be compared to the evolution of the pupils of heart shaped Toads see topic:

13.3 Frogs & Toads

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