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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
2. Rods & Cones
3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
6. Dorsal - Ventral Stream
7. Eye Movements
8. Oculomotor System
9. Balance System
10. Ectopia & Microgyrus
11. Genetic Etiology
12. Reading
13. Animals
14. Conclusion / Solution
15. Different Theories
16. Peace of Mind
13.2 Deer have 90 clockwise turning eyes

Deer have pupils in the shape of a horizontal ellipse to have a horizontal alignment with their environment. When they graze, they turn their eyes 90 clockwise, to keep their view horizontally aligned.

  • Heads up, looking around, the deer's pupils are horizontal aligned with the horizon

  • Face down, eating grass, the deer turns his eyes almost 90 to keep his pupils aligned with the horizon
Deer lift their eyebrows to keep their eyelashes horizontally aligned using them as an alignment tool in conjunction with their pupils.

Result: Horizontal alignment defines the way deer control their eyes.



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